Team .: METRISI LTD - Engineering :. 

The company’s staff and associates have been selected not only for their professional skills and experience, but also based on their integrity and work ethics. Apart from the founding partners, Antonis (Surveying Engineer NTUA and Dr.-Ing. Universität Hanover), and Stavros Antonopoulos (Surveying Engineer NTUA), METRISI employs an Architect and a Civil Engineer. There is one office assistant and a two-person trained surveying crew. METRISI collaborates with an Agronomist with extensive experience in business administration and project management. The company also collaborates with reliable subcontractors covering all specialties, as well as associate site supervisors.

Our team
– Partners:

  • Dr.-Ing. Antonis Antonopoulos
    Dr Ingenieur Universität Hanover, Surveying Engineer NTUA
  • Stavros Antonopoulos
    Surveying Engineer NTUA
  • Sofia Antonopoulou
    Architect Engineer NTUA

– Staff:

  • Kostas Kapoyiannis
    Civil Engineer
  • Katerina Stapa
    Assistant Manager

Contributing Associates

METRISI Engineering collaborates with Lazaros Nikoletos, Agronomist AUTH, in landscape design and management projects, as well as general construction and site management projects.
The company also employs an experienced site supervisor.